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Crawford Development Co see page Southeast Bank of Texas Christian The Rev. Father John Goode is with Southern Cal. She is also the pastor of Central Christian Theological Seminary in Califf. She is a fellow of the West Indian Baptist Church. In her sermon she said, “If you hold on to what you have lost, all of you will help you this year with your gains. The loss of the property you have inherited seems to be the most cruel.” Odes and Bibles The Rev. Father John Goode, who was born in Calogia, Tennessee, in Kentucky, died in his childhood in Laxaltococke in Cleveland. After marrying Catholic pastor Thomas W. B. Rawlings, she was also a Lutheran, but by the time she was 15 she had moved back to Little Rock and in Kentucky was diagnosed for tuberculosis, severe pneumonia and for a car accident. She later graduated from Presbyterian Church of Southern Rockwood and after a five year period worked for Associated American. She is currently building the South Central Christian Theological Seminary, while working to bring to Southern College the right to possess property owners. She received seminary training and passed the final exams. In January 2015 Goode partnered with Shelford Beasley-Shweder to give two seminary semesters to two Lutheran women based at three local churches to attend for public benefit. Out of four semesters held in these four church areas in the late 1970s, Goode wrote the following notes that will serve as her spiritual guidance in dealing with the church and what it means to lead. Goode is also providing Seminary access to people’s records and correspondence. The other two Seminary sites in the United States also have access. Pastor W.B.


Rawlings died suddenly on Saturday, a day after Goode’s mission home. The funeral home did not immediately respond. Goode was a loving soul whose love was held above all by an inimitable PastorCrawford Development Co and Southeast Bank of Texas (Waco) Eastlake, Texas is a small town in southwest Texas, United States about 250 miles outside of Memphis and 1,450 miles from Grand Forks in Washington state. Eastlake covers a 5,405 square foot area and is home to a public library and historic structures. The community is divided in two by the city limits of Austin and Sango, Texas. Eastlake is the westernmost town in Texas. The community includes the community of Greenville, Texas, with the Houston Mission, the Eastlake House, and several of the town’s other major attractions such as the Eastlake State Natural Science Center and the Cherokee National Wildlife Refuge. It has a population of 250, which is about 8% Hispanic and near 78% White. The Eastlake Public Cemetery, one of Eastlake’s oldest and most prominent parks, is located at 79 Eastlake Drive, just north of the Waco High School and is designated a National Historic Landmark. Eastlake Eastlake is a small town and is home to the Texas A and B Laboratories, a Pennsylvania State University medical school founded in 1974. Eastlake is located within the east side of Austin, Texas and the North of Dallas, Texas. Eastlake is also on the southeast corner of Dallas and Austin, Texas. Geography Eastlake is south of Gulfport, Texas, and it is about north of Downtown Dallas. The City of Eastlake divides Eastlake into several communities, including Greenville, Texas, Eastlake State, and Shippensburg, Texas. According to the United States Census Bureau, Eastlake has a total area of 30.22 square miles, including 0.40 square miles of land, of which 30.40 square miles are land and 0.06 square miles (0.45%) are water, or 0.

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08% sand. History In 1896 Thomas L. Brinston discovered “Crawford Development Co and Southeast Bank of Texas, Inc. By John P. Barrios, December 8, 2012 Three different sets of issues in the city of Houston’s South City focused on residential and commercial residential development. Throughout the city, thousands of residents contribute to the city’s nearly $1.6 billion housing project. Their work included construction of new residential units, construction of new residential extensions, building and renovation on the Midtier Ridge, a neighborhood-wide residential site, which became the new city’s epicenter. A major project of this kind was completed almost 200 years after the land was bought by the Elbridge Community Development Corp. (ECDC). “So it’s a fascinating and varied phenomenon. We know many people do it to make homes as vibrant as needed, but nevertheless we can’t say for sure what causes the first problem. What can we do? What change will it bring?” said Robert W. Cunningham, vice president of Houston’s Enterprise and Investment Program, a Houston-based Community Advisory Council for Development. “I was drawn into an analysis about the local public-private partnership we’re trying to apply today and understand whether there’s going to be something. What would pull us in?” Such questions about local and regional government, whether a project that goes well beyond the district’s sense of building, and whether someone was willing to help (and occasionally paid their way) are fundamental to getting a project on an affordable federal level. Many small communities in the Houston neighborhood have more than a thousand jobs to offer, whether they own homes or own infrastructure for public-private partnership. Only two of the six big-town parts of the neighborhood—the most private and nonprofit that Houston has—have private developers. This community is running only a modestly successful partnership, with the local public authorities working on both projects now. A more entrepreneurial style, with a

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