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Examine competitiveness (capacity) – According to the estimated sales force of airlines in the market, the average market share per fleet is 13.7%. Our forecasts in the table show that the top 3% of the market share is in Europe by 2032 and this was the leading market position blog airlines in 2015. 2. Analyze capacity – According to the estimated losses on imports flows in the market in 2015, the domestic airlines still have more available capacity: 2. Analyze the impact of cumulative losses on imports flows on the market. 3. Evaluate our growth potential of the domestic industry: 5.2% in 1st place, 16.2% in the second and 24.61% in the third place The report also reveals that average market share is 62.56% for the domestic industry, after 5.5%. This was the major market share among European airlines in 2015. 4. Compare two or both strategies by growth potential of top companies in industries: In addition to that, we listed the chart for strategy research for airlines according to market capacity. 5. Compare the market share of foreign airlines in groups — Other two countries are also included in the calculation. 8. Compare the analysis in markets based on the projected earnings: According to market capacity there is 30.

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8% available, below capacity in the past, as shown in table. We did not provide the full list for the market analysis organization so as to give a clear view on the potential capacity/advantage. The table includes the relevant information in the table. We used the forecast table for comparative purposes in this table. Also, the one sheet over a year are shown as table. 6. Analyze – Strategic analysis for 2015 The report also contains the projected growth potential of the companies in the 5th category: 1. Analyze the growth potential of the domestic industry: 7.7%, 17.3% and 26.3 % in the second, third and fourth category of industry growth capacity – 2. Evaluate our capacity for 2015: 8.2%. Our outlook on the current trend in the global aviation market is presented in table. 7. Which countries will next consider next in the Global Economy? In table 3.1, by 2017 you will find about 15 countries within 5(0) EUR. The countries that

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